The Big Society – DDR Kunst Aust Schwedt

19 /27 MAY 2011: Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT

Curator Andreas Bötcher exhibits poster art from Schwedt, a city on the German-Polish border, made during its Communist rule era.


A Red Gallery Exhibition in collaboration between Ernesto Leal  and  Paul Saykoilski (ourhistory/red gallery) and Dimitri Heggeman (tresor/Berlin)

THE BIG SOCIETY... How the Future was Presented to Us' - is about a small town in the far eastern reaches of Germany (in the former DDR), and the way in which a series of visual images produced over sixty years ago still have the potential to impact upon the eye and the mind, and to bring into question the world in which we live, especially,

The show featured outdoor murals and tableaux of an industrial town called Schwedt in Germany’s former communist block. The work, produced between the years 1960 and 1980 was created in a spirit of seeming optimism and social change. It is street art in the strictest sense of the term. Modern, epic and iconographic. Public art or propaganda? For those who made it, the work reflects the vision of a new post-war egalitarian state what was in those days called 'The Big Society'.

Originally inspired by Dimitri Hegemann, who runs the club and is the label owner of TRESOR in Berlin - the project has grown to include a group of people: Dimitri Hegemann, Ernesto Leal (Co-curator & Director of RED Gallery), Matthias Hamm  (Architect), Paul Sakoilsky (curator and resident artist at RED Gallery) and, of course, the city of Schwedt itself.