SUMMER 2011: Dave Swindells Spirit of Ibiza book and exhibition

IBIZA 89.png

This exhibition inspired the book. From hundreds of slides taken during a hectic week in June 1989 Swindells and book designer Jason Kedgley selected images which showed that often (but by no means always) the British dressed down and looked distinctly different to their sartorially-sophisticated cosmopolitan counterparts on Ibiza.

printspace (Shoreditch) International Music Summit and Hotel Es Vive in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza.

In the spring of 2011 Swindells teamed up with Ernesto Leal and Lisa Loud, of the Our History project to produce an exhibition of these photographs at The Printspace on Kingsland Road in London, The intention was always to take the photos back to Ibiza, back to the scene of that special time, as it were, with an exhibition of these photos featuring as part of the International Music Summit in Ibiza Town in May. Throughout that summer t photos were exhibited at the beautiful Hotel Es Vive in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza.

These images show the nightlife of Ibiza in the late ‘80s, with its open-air dance floors for those hot Mediterranean nights, drawing an all-ages, polysexual crowd in an easy-going hippie-inspired atmosphere. This atmosphere was nonetheless self-consciously stylish (unlike many of the dressed-down Brits). The clubbing culture to this time was very different too. ‘In these photos you won’t see people texting or tweeting, videoing their mates or posting on Facebook,’ explains Swindells. ‘Nobody had mobile phones, and the only person likely to be taking pictures was the club’s own photographer. So there was nothing else to do but live in the moment, enjoy the parties or watch other people having fun while dancing the whole night’.