PART2IZM - New Horizons & Future Love Songs


PART2IZM - New Horizons & Future Love Songs 9/19 AUG 2012: Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT

A Red Gallery Exhibition in collaboration between Ernesto Leal (ourhistory/red gallery) and Keith Hopewall (Part2ism)

Red Gallery proudly present Part2ism’s first solo exhibition in London since Artillery for Pleasure 2009. This new body of work is perhaps his most outlandish work in a quartz-century journey using aerosol and a vast range of different media. New Horizons and Future Love Songs explores the relationship of sight and sound as one medium. In his series of polychromatic sculptural reliefs entitled ‘Architect-Sonics’, wooden planes of colour appear to slice through time placing our idea of transit art in another realm.

Taken from the ‘New Horizons & Future Love Songs’ exhibition catalogue. Also featuring written contributions by Steve ‘Fly Argaric’ Pratt, Pride (TCA) and Poesia from Graffuturism.

4 new pieces hang 4 different schemes to communicate and thaw out the frozen music from its architecture with new fresh dimensional mapping techniques, quilting mind with new synaesthesia.

The new horizontal love songs resemble the electronic programming screen-scraper's found ubiquitously in music apps such as Cubase and Logic Audio. Here Part2ism horizons manifest in the on-screen world as an assembly of wooden strips cut to various lengths, projecting an ‘ear-eye-ear loop’ of vibrant hyper-chromatic engineering. Aerodyne-rhythmic concord of color to imitate moving digital arrangements, audio tracks await reconnection by neuro-counterbalance with the central nervous system, like people awaiting travel connections at a rail station: “a meta-mental point of contact with our other selves”.