3 - 26 FEBRUARY 2012: Matthew Hawtin Dimensions exhibition

Dimensions4 1.jpg

Symmetry, futurism, bleeding edges, infinitely repetitive layers, contrasting textures and hidden messages. These words that describe Canadian artist Matthew Hawtin’s paintings, prints and sculpture could easily apply to the music made by his brother, techno producer Richie Hawtin.

A Red Gallery Exhibition in collaboration between Ernesto Leal (ourhistory/red gallery) and Mathew Hawtin

 An exhibition of Matthew Hawtin's visual art for Minus and Plus 8 since 1993.

The brothers Hawtin have always shared a love of the minimal aesthetic, though each expressed it through different medium: Richie through his productions and DJ sets, Matthew through his abstract visual art. This led to a convenient working relationship, with Matthew designing most of the artwork for his brother's labels since the early '90s. Entitled "Dimensions," the upcoming exhibition at The Red Gallery will include pieces that originally appeared on record sleeves for Minus or Plus 8, as well as selections from Hawtin's most recent series, "Torqued Panels."