Junior Tomlin from Paint to Pixel (exhibition)

Project collaboration between Red Gallery and Junior Tomlin,

An exhibition by London born & bred graphic artist Junior Tomlin exhibiting a series of new of new digital works.

4 /8 APR 2018:  Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT


Junior Tomlin in the early 90’s created rave flyers. His airbrush technique combined with his futuristic style of delivery earned him the name the Salvador Dali of Rave‚ in the late 90’s when the rave scene was exploding all over Britain. He amassed a considerate following among the Rave community in London, Tokyo and Australia where his early flyers are still in high demand and considered as collector’s items

Some of the most memorable and iconic images associated with dance and rave music were created by him - inspiring a generation to create art and make music, his numerous artworks Include covers for leading dance labels, editorial illustrations, rave flyers and posters.