6 - 9 NOVEMBER 2008: Our Cultural History

LondonNewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Ernesto Leal spent 2 years finding out the designers that were involved in designing some of the most iconic acid house and rave culture artworks.

Our Cultural History was the first major exhibition that looked at the Acid House scene – a melding of cultural attitudes and influences that in many ways exemplified a collectivist response against the consumer-centred mainstream of the 80’ and 90’s. The then Tory Government’s Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill in 1994 - an attempt to inhibit the ex­plosion of what became known as rave culture - merely achieved the opposite effect and affirmed the scale of it’s significance within society as a whole. “Our Cultural History” was launched at the in the heart of Shoreditch. Transferring to Selfridges London as part of the ARTCORE show.

Artist included: Dave Little, Mark Wigan, George Georgiu (Shoom/SiN London), Jason Kedgley (tomato), Derek Yates (soul2soul/confusion London), PEZ (Raindance/Rage/World Dance), Jimmy Cauty (KLF), Paul Shrobrook (Sign of the Times/London), DiY soundsystem, Darragh Greally (Galway/Ire), Craig Cooper, Paul Cannel, Jonathon Cooke (fabric/leftism), Ed Coward (The Gallery/Turmills), Oli Timmins (Universe/Tribal gathering), Mocha TV (Chibuku/Liverpool),  Corporation Pop (Electric Chair & warehouse project/Manchester), Suddi Raval (Hardcore Uproar/TOGETHER Blackburn), B-Art (Trade/London), Trevor Johnson (Nude Nights/Hacienda Manchester), Megadog AKA club dog, Farrow Design (Massive Attack/blue lines- Delicious records), Nick Waplington, Back to Basics (two steps further than any other cunt),  Jaime Reid (Back to Basics & Megatripolis).

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